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In 1996, some friends assiduous visitors of the beach, infatuated with Imbassa., decided to create an inn. Not any inn. An inn , in each detail, built with affection. A place so cordial, that each person that arrived felt at home.

The name? That one! A name that not let nobody to forget that already was in that place. Then it is Bichelenga. A word of baian.s- Baiano manner of speaking( erudite) used when somebody doesn’t remember a person’s name, anything or a place.

In the following years, the tiny Bichelenga that began with only six rooms and without swimming pool received new investments until arriving to the present configuration: 30 rooms being, 2 quadruple, 24 triple, 4 double and two swimming pools. One with swimming lane.

Although so young, the Bichelenga Inn displays with pride several Quality Certificates conceded by Bahiatursa — Bahia Tourism Authority – that every two years confers the certification to the better hotels and inns of State.

The Bichelenga Inn is located in a wide area of 18.000 m2, where each native plant was preserved. With much harmony cashews, coconuts, mangos, sapodilla, pine cone, mangaba, Surinam cherry, jackfruit, breadfruit, carambola and many other species were planted composing an environment with much green, natural ventilation and always pleasant.

Quality service and courtesy provide the best environment possible, in a setting of tranquility. That is the differential of Bichelenga, that takes as basis, honest prices.

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Al. dos Coqueiros, sem número
Imbassaí, Mata de São João
Cep: 48.280.000

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