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From Salvador:
To arrive at our inn by car departing from Salvador, drive toward the Salvador International Airport and take the Estrada do Coco (Coconut Road – BA 099). Passing through Lauro de Freitas, toll plaza(km 14), Arembepe(km 24), Jacu.pe( km 32), Guarajuba(km 42), Itacimirim(km
49) and Praia do Forte(km 54). After the entrance of Praia do Forte there is the “Linha Verde” (Green Line Road – continuation of BA099). Travel on it for 10km, from Praia do Forte to Imbassa.. In this point (entrance of Imbassa.) turn right and after the Municipal School and the
Church take the second entrance on the left. On accessing Imbassa. there are various indicative signs of all the inns what facilitates the access.

From the north country:

If you come by car from the north country through BR 101, follow through “Linha Verde”(Green Line Road) and pass through Mangue Seco, S.tio do Conde, Barra do Itarir., Baixios, Suba.ma, Massarandupi., Porto de Sau.pe, Costa do Sau.pe Resorts and 10 kilometers after it, you arrive to the entrance of Imbassa.

If you come by bus:

If you are not driving, you must go to the intercity bus station (Esta..o Rodovi.ria de Salvador) and there take a bus that attends the region. There are various schedules, with some going into the towns along the way. It is advisable to check with the lines themselves “Catuense”
(071-3450-4004) and “ Linha Verde” (071-3450-0321) before travelling.

If you come from other regions :

If you come by car you should check the route that takes you to the “Linha Verde” (BA099), either from BR-101 or BR-324.

If you come by plane :

If you come by plane, you can take a taxi to the inn or contract the transportation with a receiving tourist agency.

Landmark Salvador Airport

Distance (Km)

  • Lauro de Freitas, toll plaza (km 14)
  • Arembepe (km 24)
  • Jacuípe (km 32)
  • Guarajuba (km 42)
  • Itacimirim (km 49)
  • Praia do Forte (km 54)
  • From Praia do Forte to Imbassaí, travel an additional 10 km

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Al. dos Coqueiros, sem número
Imbassaí, Mata de São João
Cep: 48.280.000

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